What a wedding season 2012 has been, we’ve seen so many brides and grooms for their consultation visits in their homes and wedding venues and to see the day to the end has been a great experience for The Dance Floor Company.

We have worked with some fabulous suppliers and personally I would like to say thanks to ‘HBA Photography’ for the amazing picture you see now, this was taken at Dunstall Hall for Jenny and Kris’ wedding in August 2012. You will get to see the top picture on the back of our new van very soon!!

The season of 2012 has demonstrated that all the brides (and grooms!) just want perfection on the day. Our brides are always rest assured that we meticulsly plan every detail three, four and maybe five times over to ensure that everything is perfect – from anything to ensuring no wires can be seen from the lighting and DJs to the van and staff uniform being clean before every job. Image is important and no guests want to see scruffy workers in a horrible and dirty van. Professionalism portrays a successful business.

We have decorated some venues in an array of colours to suit the wedding theme and the impact it has is remarkable. Away from the blank canvas and bringing your wedding theme to life inside or even outside of the venue. We use LED lighting to do this which gives us flexibility to pick almost any colour, set a arrangement of colours to fade in and out through the night and all be controlled by a computer and together with the lights not getting hot means that they are safe to touch without being burnt.

I am very proud to say that we have expanded every month with the products we offer, the service we provide and the total satisfacfion from our clients and we have secured resident DJs in local wedding venues.

Slightly off the subject of weddings but 2012 has brought us to Sponsor and Support Me & Dee Charity for their 6th Annual Fundraising Ball at Burton Albion Football Club. We provided a mass arrangement of entertainment services and you can see the press release  by clicking here. This is something we are very proud to do and will continue to support Maria, with Me & Dee for 2013 and 2014.

With the up and coming end to 2012 upon us, another 8 weddings and over 20 Christmas parties are being covered by The Dance Floor Company before the year is out. 2013 is already looking to be a very busy year and we are looking forward to working with a lot more venues with our corporate work, weddings and private parties.

If you haven’t yet contacted us or seen any of our work, please feel free to browse our Gallery and our Facebook page (Click Here).